Yeast & Candida Overgrowth

Candida complete combines pau d'arco, black walnut hull and oregano leaf for a broad spectrum, antifungal tincture.

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  • Alexandra

    "I ordered because in have sciatica and foot pain. I get myscle spasms and cramping in my calf from the sciatica. This seems to relax everything and ease the throbbing. Highly recommend."

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  • Tracy

    "💕💕💕 best stuff. Since taking consistently every day have noticed a remarkable difference - brain fog has gone. On my second bottle and will only get through SoPlantiful / Erin.. great delivery time and prompt postage. 😁"

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  • Jessica

    "Only been taking it for a week or two, already noticing that I'm not as bloated or feeling as many PCOS symptoms. Planning on buying more when I get low. Also put on some eczema and it relieves the itching and the irritation from that."

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How long do tinctures take to work?

While some herbs can offer some immediate benefits, there is also an accumulative effect, in some cases requiring 2-4 weeks of use for results.

Why is there alcohol listed in the ingredients?

Alcohol is essential to extract the medicianal properties out of the herbs. The dosage is typically 1-4ml of liquid and will not cause intoxication.

How long can tinctures last?

All products are packaged in amber glass to protect from UV degredation. It is recommended to store in a cool dark place, there is no need to refridgerate. When stored properly tinctures can last 3-5yrs or longer. Our products are conservativly dated for 3yrs.

How do I take tinctures?

Tinctures can be taken by either placing the liquid directly under the tongue and swallowed with water or by simply adding the liquid to a drink such as coffee, tea, juice or water. The only benefit of placing under the tongue is that it will enter the blood stream faster, however both methods are equally as effective.

What can I take for high blood pressure?

Chaga mushroom, Reishi mushroom (product name 'Find your Zen'), and Ashwagandha root each can be used to help to lower blood pressure. It is not recommended to combine these herbs with medications for high blood pressure because it can cause BP to become too low.

What can I take for diabetes, to help manage blood sugar levels?

Chaga Mushroom, Stinging Nettle, Find your Zen (Reishi Mushroom), Lemon Balm, Ashwagandha Root, and The Root of the Problem, each can be used to help control diabetes and blood sugar levels. However these herbs should not be combined with medications for diabetes because this can cause blood sugar levels to become too low.

Do I have to take tinctures under my tongue?

No. Placing a tincture directly under the tongue can be too sensitive for many people. The reason this is recommended is because this is the fastest absorption into the bloodstream. If this method is not ideal for you, please feel free to add the liquid into a small glass of water or juice and drink. The benefits will be the same with both methods.

What can I do for long term pain relief?

If you are experiencing daily long term pain, the best approach would be to begin taking an anti-inflammatory daily. (Please see "The Root of the Problem") By reducing the inflammation which contributes to your pain, you can effectively reduce the amount of pain you are experiencing daily. In some cases this eliminates or significantly reduces the need to take a pain formula (See "Pain Free Naturally - Extra Strength")