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  • Urine Luck! UTI, BV, Bladder and Yeast Infections

    Urine luck! Our herbal tincture is formulated to kill bacteria and stimulate the immune system to help fight infections associated with urinary track, bacteria vaginosis (BV), bladder and yeast infections (Candida Albicans). The diuretic action increases urine output, helping to flush out bacteria from the urinary tract while relaxing painful bladder spasms, reducing swelling, inflammation, and burning sensations.

  • Pain Free Naturally - extra strength pain relief

    Our extra strength formula offers pain relief while relaxing muscle tension or spasms throughout the body. And a general analgesic (numbing action), for painful nerves, tendons, and ligaments around the joints. Can be used to help chronic and acute conditions such as...

  • The Root of the Problem - Turmeric, Anti-inflammatory, Arthritis, Diabetes, Gut Health, Psoriasis

    Inflammation is at the root of many chronic health conditions. Turmeric root tincture contains curcumin, a powerful anti-inflammatory and a key remedy where long term inflammation is an underlying factor or symptom.

  • Stinging Nettle - Detox, Hormone Balance, Menstrual Cycle, Skin Health

    Stinging nettle leaf is a nourishing herb, rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, protein and other nutrients. Taken as a tincture daily, it is an excellent cleansing and detoxifying herb, helping to remove waste products and toxins from the body.

  • Food for Thought - Lions Mane Dual Extracted Tincture

    Lion's mane "The Smart Mushroom" as a dual extracted tincture can help support memory, bring more focus, creativity, and mental clarity to even your most high-pressure days.

  • Ashwagandha Root - Anxiety, Depression, Energy, Stress, Exhaustion

    Ashwagandha root tincture is a powerful adaptogen, good for enhancing the mind and body’s resilience to daily stress while improving overall well-being.

  • Peace of Mind - Anxiety, Panic, Daily Stress Relief

    Peace of mind tincture contains an uplifting blend to help reduce the impact of daily stress and anxiety while quieting an overactive mind, calming nervousness and feelings of panic.

  • Siberian Ginseng - Energy, Anti-Aging, Mood, Stress

    Siberian ginseng has been shown to increase energy, help fight fatigue, and improve physical stamina and agility. Taken daily can be used to slow aging, balance mood, build up a weakened immune system, and enhance a person's general health.

  • Allergy Season - Sneezing, Runny Nose, Itching, Watery Eyes

    The anti-allergenic properties and natural antihistamines found in nettle and eyebright are helpful for seasonal allergy symptom relief. They are used to dry excess mucous caused by runny nose, sneezing, nasal, and chest congestion. As well as reducing irritation and itching in the eyes, ear canal, nose, palate, and throat.

  • Don't Bug Me - Elderberry, Immunity Boost, Cold & Flu, Tincture or Alcohol Free Glycerite

    Elderberry tincture is an immune boosting powerhouse, packed with antioxidants and vitamins which can help reduce the risk of many diseases and common viruses. If taken during a cold or flu elderberries have been shown to lessen the symptoms and duration of illness. Elderberry can also be used to help treat constipation, chronic inflammation, upper respiratory conditions, fever, high cholesterol, and minor skin conditions.