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Cough & Cold Steam Therapy - Herbal Steam Inhalation

Cough & Cold Steam Therapy - Herbal Steam Inhalation

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Cough & cold steam therapy involves inhaling water vapor that has been infused with herbs to help open the airways and loosen mucus in the nasal passages, throat, and lungs. The combination of mullein and yarrow help make your coughs more productive to move any gunk that may be settling in the chest or throat. As well as reducing swelling and creating a soothing anti-inflammatory coating over the tender lining of the nose, throat and lungs. Lastly we include menthol to help cool the airways and soothe the throat. Use for upper respiratory conditions such as coughs, colds, sinus conditions, chest congestion and allergies.

Ingredients: org. mullein, org. yarrow leaf & flowers, menthol crystals. Each package contains 6 steam therapy sessions.

Used for: upper respiratory conditions such as coughs, colds, sinus conditions, chest congestion and allergies.

Instructions: Heat 2 cups water until it just begins to boil, remove from heat. Add 2tbsp of herbs, plus 1-2 shards of menthol crystals. Let steep with a lid for 10min. Uncover and drape a towel over the back of your head to create a tent to hold the steam; alternatively for a child sit them near to breath the vapor. Keep your eyes closed and inhale slowly and deeply through your nose and mouth for 2-5min. Repeat steam inhalation 2-3 times per day as needed.

Precautions: Do not use if you are or may be allergic to the European elder tree, or plants in the Asteraceae family. Allergic reactions may include rash or difficulty breathing.

Safe for all ages, children must be closely supervised. Do not leave children unattended.

Caution: Hot steam & water can cause severe burns.

Do not drink!

Products are packaged in resealable pouches and are heat sealed for your protection.
Store in a cool dark space to ensure the highest quality.

Please Note: It takes up to 1-4 Business Days (Mon.- Fri., excluding weekends and federal holidays) for your order to process. This time window does NOT include the shipping method you select at check-out. Please keep this in mind when you make your purchase.

*This product is not intended to cure any type of disease or replace any prescription medication you are currently taking. This product and these statements have not been approved by Health Canada/FDA. Please be aware of any allergies you may have prior to use. This information is provided for educational purposes only*

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